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MagSafe and Qi Wireless Charging Solutions from HoldMyPhone

MagSafe Charger Mounts

Apple MagSafe Car Holder

Apple MagSafe Car Charger

HoldMyPhone offers an extensive selection of MagSafe Charger Mounts for iPhone 12, 13, 14, and the latest iPhone 15 series. These mounts are intended for users who require efficient charging and stable mounting though driving. Key features include:

  • Magnetic Alignment for efficient charging.
  • Sturdy Mounting for stability.
  • Charging though Driving to prevent battery drain.
  • Optimal Viewing Angles for safety and convenience.

Qi Wireless Charging Holders

Qi Wireless Universal Car Charger

For those who pick Qi wireless charging, HoldMyPhone also offers adjustable Qi Wireless Charging Holders. Suitable for a variety of smartphones and tablets, these holders are ideal for multi-device users. Features include:

  • Universal Compatibility bearing in mind Qi-enabled devices.
  • Flexible Placement without the craving for correct alignment.
  • Safe and Secure holding.
  • User-friendly design for ease of use.

Explore more options for your iPhone 15 with a range of MagSafe mounts and Qi wireless charging holders specifically designed for the latest Phone models.


Whether you’re an Apple follower needing MagSafe-compatible car mounts or someone who values the universality of Qi charging, HoldMyPhone offers solutions to enhance your mobile experience. For more information, visit HoldMyPhone and check out their broad range of products.

Magsafe Car Mount

Magsafe Car Charger

Magsafe Charger