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Superior Parts Ltd Offering On Vehicle Brake Skimming Repairs


Superior Parts LTD now offers on-vehicle disc brake skimming for all vehicles ranging from pickups, cars, vans and suvs.


If you are a knowledgeable driver, in Jamaica West Indies you most likely have experienced a brake pedal that vibrates, squeals or performs really poorly and also for several years, you most likely have tried numerous pricey choices to replace your brake discs or pads to resolve the issue.


Disc brake skimming is the procedure of skimming the brake discs of your vehicle to recover its surface. Most of the moment, car owners select aerated discs however others select solid discs. This service has gotten appeal because of its affordability and also capability to bring back the brake discs.

Brake skimming can be done more than once in a brake rotor life time, providing us the alternative to have the service executed consistently instead of having the brake discs replaced when we do not need to. This can be done routinely in order to extend the lifespan of the brake disc.

Since you recognize that brake skimming is essential, you need to be knowledgeable about the signs that indicate issues in your brake rotors. Below are a few of them:

The brake discs are corroded.

The brake pads schedule for an adjustment however the brake discs have not completely tatty yet.

The brakes screech whenever you use it.

The brake judders or vibrates whenever you use it.

The brake reaction is delayed or bouncy.


Prior to really doing the procedure of skimming, the garage technician will measure the brake disc and also make certain that there is enough surface to be skimmed. The technician will establish the surface density that is workable for your brake discs by considering the supplier of your SUV.

If the surface density of your brake discs are also thin, the garage technician will encourage you to have it replaced since you require to adhere to the laws of the suppliers and also the road security regulations. If the surface density of your brake discs are thick adequate to be worked with, the technician will go on and also skim your discs.

There are numerous advantages for deciding brake skimming. Below are a few of the problems it can address:

It can stop your brakes from screeching.

It can stop existing corrosion problems in your discs.

It can assist you get ready for MOT examinations by boosting your SUV’s brake performance.

It can eliminate the used lip on your disc triggered by repeated stopping.

It can eliminate fragments, corrosion and also dirt that could hinder your SUV’s capability to brake.

It can address the vibration problems of your brake system.

It can assist you conserve money when servicing your SUV.

It can maintain your brake system from squeaking, screeching, juddering or vibrating.

It can eliminate rubbing particles or product that has been embedded into the brake disc.

It can improve the performance of your brake system and also maintain you risk-free while driving.

It will give you an evident improvement in the performance of your brake system.

It can use you the most good stopping whenever you change the brake pads.


If you live in Kingston or the surrounding locations, you can get in touch with Superior Parts LTD to do the brake skimming for you. Their garage is equipped with the current modern technology that will assist any type of SUV owner, especially, conserve money, time and also improve the overall stopping performance of your SUV.

To iron out your brake problems, they have gotten the PRO-CUT PFM900. It is the really initial fully automatic brake lathe that can be attached to your car. This modern technology has been developed to address different brake-related issues:

When suitable new brake pads to your SUV, the old pads could have used your brake discs to a wedge shape, commonly manifesting as a sharp lip. This can drastically lower the performance and also lifespan of your brake discs.

Your brake discs may warp because of repeated heavy stopping and also altered hubs. This repetitive action will cause your disc to gather reduced areas, causing your brake system to judder and also feature poorly.

Corrosion, dirt and also other particles can accumulate in your stopping system. This will cause you to experience an overall poor stopping performance and also at some point, lead you to fallen short MOT examinations.

If you are experiencing any one of these issues, the PRO-CUT PFM900 can offer the remedy. The PRO-CUT PFM900 can be bolted straight to your car’s hub, making certain that your brake disc is resurfaced according to your car’s hub axis. This is done to make certain that your brake disc and also brake hub are matched completely with one another.

While doing the brake skimming service, the garage technician can likewise check out other locations in your SUV. Due to the fact that the wheels are removed for this procedure, the garage technician can go on and also check your shock absorbers, hydraulic hose pipes, suspension and also the overall condition of your SUV.

If the garage technician will be able to determine problems aside from issues with your brakes, she or he will be able to advise other services that will make certain the roadworthiness of your SUV, depending upon the seriousness of your SUV problems and also your repair service budget plan.

How long does it require to skim your brakes? It will take around 10 minutes when automatic surface machining is made use of on your brake disc, so it will only take less than a hr to have all four disc brakes took care of.

Your brake discs can be skimmed more than when and also you only require to replace them when they have reached their minimal surface density.

Since replacing your brake discs everytime it reveals a problem is really impractical, choosing brake skimming is a low cost choice, high quality service and also practical remedy for your brake system issues.

If you wish to have your brakes examined or you wish to talk to a professional about brake skimming, call Superior Components Ltd today at


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