Candidate For Bishop AME Zion Church 2024- Rev. Julian Pridgen

Hello, my name is Julian Pridgen and I’m a candidate for the Workplace of Bishop in our cherished Zion. I was born and raised in a area called Whiteville, North Carolina, a small southeastern farming community located in the coastal plains of the state. When it pertains to church, my family members’s origins are deeply planted in the St. Mark AME Zion Church, Whiteville, where the Pridgen name is engraved in the keystone of that structure today.

My love for Christ and the church is historical as I’ve offered the church from a little child as an acolyte, usher, aide superintendent of the church school, Christian education and learning, priest, and much more. After finishing senior high school, I signed up with the USA Marine Corps, where I continued to be up until my retired life. And while in the Marine Corps, I accepted the call to teach and offered Zion churches in the southwestern Delta Episcopal District and eastern North Carolina.

Over the years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed serving along with individuals of Zion as we’ve done the work of the Lord together. And I’ve been lucky to offer numerous modern and growing churchgoers that stay terrific possessions to their communities also today. With each other, we settled financial debts early, earlier than anticipated.

We’ve acquired acres of land to include a whole city block plus. And in each situation, we’ve taken part in community-related concerns that involved matters of oppression and bigotry. As I’ve helped having a hard time individuals, we helped having a hard time individuals jump on track and helped others keep their lives and also expand in their stroll with God.

On one occasion, I remember opening the church doors as we connected with the local family court system, the division of social solutions, the girls and children club. And in the annex of that church, experts and concerned community members supplied parenting classes to having a hard time parents who had gotten in problem with the regulation. It was a lovely point to see the church at the facility of community collaborating to satisfy the community need.

I can say a lot more about my very own experiences to include obtaining a telephone call from the USA White House as they were investigating underhanded politicians in the community. And our local AME Zion church was recommended as a trusted handy source for that investigation. I might say a lot more about my collaborate with Duke Divinity Institution and my organization with growing in ministry or job sponsored by Duke and the Lilly Structure.

I might also say more about my cherished ecumenical links, yet I’m here today to say to you that I dream for our church as we relocate right into the future. It is my hope that we are constantly coming to be a mentally and literally wholesome church, knowing and representing God as the adherents of Jesus Christ. I’m positive about the future of our church and think that we can flourish via effective communication to include small group discussions at every level of the church, useful critique for the objectives of sharing and embracing finest practices that can assist us much more, be much more effective adherents of Jesus Christ and guardians of Zion Methodism.

I’m really curious about looking for means to offer more support to pastors and their families. And I am really knowledgeable about the vigor of an superior laity and local church as the laity and local church are the lifeblood to the Zion connection. I’m married to the dazzling, lovely, industrious, and task-oriented Deborah Register Pridgen, and we have 2 adult children, Julian and Christian, and Christian just recently honored us with Javante, our first grandchild.

Ultimately, I think emphatically that it is words of God that has actually been and will be the only point that conserves and maintains the church. So pray for the church. Pray for Zion.

Pray for those of us on this journey. My name again, Julian Pridgen, candidate for bishop, as I solicit your confidence and vote. The peace of Christ be with you.

Pridgen For AME Zion Bishop 2024