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We started JMR Promo in January 2018 upon the Gold Coast

We absolutely LOVED the promotional products industry, and after on top of 12 years cumulative industry association. We supply promotional products and work uniforms and printed tees.

We can print or embroider any logo onto your workshirt or uniform.

We love helping businesses see professional next their branding and their logo upon a custom polo shirt or a corporate shirt.

We always felt there was something missing and that something was good out of date fashioned customer service.

Yes, ordering online can be good and Im certain we every reach it, but this industry is utterly personalized and we back lead you to the best answer based going on for your requirements, deadline and budget!

For us there is nothing satisfying than watching our clients acquire passionate on top of their branded stubby holders, jump taking place and beside holding their additional flyers, or throw upon one of their additional embroidered caps for a selfie!

Promotional products and custom printed polo shirts is how you can make your brand stand out for the right reasons.

We STAND OUT from our competition.

We CARE about you and your business growth.

We can guarantee you EXCEPTIONAL customer service!

And because we forlorn unity next REPUTABLE suppliers, you wont receive shirts where the print is cracking or embroidery that cant even be read. 100% We stand by our quality. Youll never receive whatever that we wouldnt be happy next ourselves (& our standards are high!!)

We are here to back every types of business. No mannerism will we outlook you away if you are a additional begin taking place business and after 10 shirts and 100 pens. We will locate you a solution! We plus are more than proficient of handling the large organisations dealing next re-branding and adhering to strict national brand guidelines!

Every business proprietor is conversant with business cards . You experience that they are helpful tools for introducing yourself and your company to potentially new customers . You will be short-winded away to that promotional points do the same but with even meliorate upshots . Nearly triplet-quarters of people who obtain a promotional item can remember the name of the party they received it from . This is not e’er true when a business card is given as a gift . If the token hold ins your selective information, such as your logotype, slogan or contact information, it can be much more helpful than a business card.

When promotional items work

Offering a promotional item is frequentlymore than simply giving away a product . Other advantages are:

It is easier to ask for something in return for your promotional gives.

You can place your promotional gives.

Finally , you can use these promotional gives to increase your hearing.

Companies welfare about from promotional productions when they are exploited as lead magnets . In this case, you give your customers something in change for more information about them . Most of the time, this transforms into signing up for your mailing list . Now you wealthy person another opportunity to realise them like your company, your products and your services.

Promotional merchandises get good social media game shows .

Contest -typecast game shows can be used in replace for social media sharing or tags.

This is a strategy that many companies are using

Promotional points get an affect.

Promotional points work the recipient and the people in your networks . This can give your business the social boost it of necessity to differentiate itself from competitors .

They can likewise be an necessary trigger for WOM marketing .

While other marketing schemes survive, promotional merchandises are not going away anytime soon.

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