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Colorbond fencing is the most typical type of fence offered in Western Australia.

We provide just Australian Made Colorbond Bluescope steel that includes a 10 year Product guarantee.

Colorbond Fencing is a much better and more affordable option to Hardifence or wood fencing. Posts are made from 0.8 mm high tensile steel to offer them a lot of flexibility so when strong winds come along they will bend without flexing.

Our Colorbond fence comes in 2 various Profiles and 24 Different Colours.

10 Year Product Warranty

Aluminium plinth keeping is a brand new way of keeping soil up to 600mm in Height Difference.

Made of rust resistant Aluminium in colours to match or contrast your colorbond fence.

Aluminium plinths are a contemporary option to traditional concrete post and panel or limestone keeping, Seamlessly integrated with your colorbond fence to offer a no gap conference in between your fence and keeping wall. So no more seepage of soil or weeds from your neighbours.

Plinths Come in 2 various types- Aluminium and High tensile steel.

Both Products are powder layered to match the colour of your fence.

Aluminium slats provide the most recent in architectural style, with clean, modern-day lines and a sharp finish that make certain to improve the aesthetic appeals, and worth, of any type of structure.

There are many factors to use Aluminium.

It never need’s unique cleansing routines– simply provide a quick hose pipe down.Don’t fade or warp in the sun. Your fence will always look simply as great as it did on the day it was set up. Best of all, there’s no need to repaint your fence each summer.Given its difficult, durable exterior, this structure material can be utilised in areas with severe cold and wet weather condition, without any fear of breaking. It isn’t susceptible to the damage triggered by termites and other bugs.

Aluminium slats are so flexible, we can develop almost any type of style or structure appropriate for your requirements.

They come in a range of powder layered colours and Woodgrain surfaces.

Prowest Fencing can install Garrison fencing Around your School, Workshop or any industrial premises.

Garrison Fencing is generally powder layered in black with spikes on top. It comes in 2 basic sizes 1800mm high and 2100mm high. Its much better security alternative than chain wire fence as it cant be cut with wire cutters.

Gates can also be custom made to suite any circumstance.

Prowest can even fence entire housing estates utilising colorbond fence core drilled into limestone walls or direct into the ground.

We can organise tenders for your estate requirements.

fence installation
fence installation
fence installation
fence installation