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When it comes to deciding on the best garage door design for your home, the most popular alternative in Plymouth is the standard up and over garage door. This design of garage door is a terrific option for both residential and business homes since it is budget friendly, easy to run, and extremely secure. However how much should you anticipate to spend for a new garage door?

The expense of a new garage door depends upon a range of elements, including the size of the door, the material utilized, and the type of installation. Typically speaking, you can anticipate to pay anywhere in between ?400 and ?2,000 for a new up and over garage door.

The size of the garage door will have a significant effect on the overall expense. A single up and over garage door measuring 9ft by 7ft can cost as little as ?400, whereas a double door measuring 16ft by 7ft can cost approximately ?2,000.

The material of the garage door can likewise impact the overall expense. Wood garage doors tend to be the most costly alternative, with a single door costing around ?1,000 and a double door costing approximately ?2,000. Steel garage doors are more budget friendly, beginning at around ?400 for a single door and ?600 for a double door.

Finally, the expense of the installation will depend on the intricacy of the task. If you work with a professional to install the door, you can anticipate to pay anywhere in between ?100 and ?300 for the labour. If you pick to install the door yourself, you may have the ability to find a set online for as little as ?50.

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