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MD Simple Medical Marijuana Card Pennsylvania – Can a Job Turn You Down If You Have A Medical Card in Pennsylvania

Hi and welcome to MD Simple! Here is a typical concern we get asked about a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania

The concern is, can a Job turn you down if you have a medical card in PA?

Simply put, the answer is no. Under the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act, companies can not discriminate against employees since they are medical marijuana cardholders, especially if your status does not interfere with your performance on the job.

MDSimple Medical Marijuana Card Pennsylvania.

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Pennsylvania … It’s Easy –

Are you aiming to get a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania? If so, you have actually pertained to the ideal place! We can walk you through the procedure of getting a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania with, from credentials to getting your card. So do not wait any longer– get your medical marijuana card from MD Simple in Pennsylvania today!


Supply some fundamental medical history and book a consultation with a licensed MMJ medical professional. The charge includes your consultation charge, physician copay, and the medical card assessment.


Speak with a discomfort management physician who will evaluate your health and medical ailments and answer any concerns you have about medical treatment. This can be either online through your phone/computer. It depends upon where you live to get your medical card (MMJ).


If you are approved for a medical card, you’ll get your recommendation after you go to with a medical pain management medical professional. Depending upon your state, you will either be approved instant access to dispensaries or wait to get your card in the mail.

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