Restaurants With Tribute Nights

Tributes & liven up music goings-on in Colchester have grown in popularity greater than the last few years, which is no shock as they are an excellent quirk to enjoy every the best hits from your favourite stars. considering you enhance awesome music, good friends, and savory food, a tribute evening becomes the perfect night out.

Bengal Diner is establishing itself as one of the best restaurants in Colchester for liven up entertainment, they have a diary packed full of the Uk’s best tribute acts, these enhance the award-winning Abba Nation and Gary Goodmaze, who is considered the best Freddie Mercury tribute in Europe. Click here: to look their diary of goings-on

These artists are suitably good because considering you near your eyes you will believe you are in the room considering the indigenous stars themselves.

Here is what some of our customers are saying.

“Really enjoyed the evening watching Cher and Freddie tonight. pretty food and excellent service.

Well over and done with Bengal staff you worked suitably difficult tonight”.

“Really enjoyed our evening considering tributes Cher and Freddie mercury. Will unquestionably come again. The food was savory and the staff unquestionably friendly”.

“Spent supplementary Year’s Eve there considering a fabulous American singer that in point of fact made the place rock, fabulous food, fabulous entertainment – well worth the cost, unquestionably be back”

The restaurant has a large seating capacity, making it ideal for large groups. They afterward have private areas for people who adore to dine in a more secluded setting. If you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary we have a private room at the belly of the restaurant that will wealthily chair 20-30 people. You will still be skillful to enjoy the shows as the tribute artists change on the subject of the venue.

The restaurant is air-conditioned, which means it is comfortable even upon the hottest of nights and if you adore alfresco dining they have a large garden that features a variety of external dining options. Many of which allow shelter from the unpredictable British weather.

The Bengal diner is easy to get to and has a large car park, where you are all right to leave your car overnight.

Other tribute & goings-on Venues in Colchester

There are some supplementary excellent venues in Colchester that host tribute events, we have listed some of them below.

Colchester FC

Just considering the Bengal Diner, Colchester football club has many good liven up events.

You can view their goings-on by clicking here

Three Wise Monkeys

This popular pub in Colchester town center has a regular diary of goings-on including liven up acts, entry mike nights, and the peculiar tribute act. Click here to look what’s on


If you adore liven up music, then you compulsion to build up Coda to your must-visit list. They are one of the forlorn venues in Colchester that allow forgive liven up music. You can look their upcoming goings-on here

The Rose & Crown Hotel Colchester

This is one of Colchester’s best-loved hotels, the building is beautiful, the food is awesome and they host the occasional tribute act. Check out their goings-on here.

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