Technology Of Legionella Filters

Legionella are a type of bacteria that thrive in stagnant water and can trigger respiratory disease, for example Legionnaires’ disease. There are some techniques to lower your exposure of being infected Legionnaires’ disease, for instance: by heating the hot water exceeding which legionella can multiply or by dosing chemicals into the water system under a water hygiene management system.

However, from time to time it is not feasible as the cold-water line may get hotter in warm weather conditions or wherever inadequately planned water systems have been fitted ? for example: where the hot and cold pipes run side by side with no insulation. For whatever reason/purpose and as well as already contaminated sites, if you intend to take extra preventative measure, a Point Of Use legionella filters is a good choice so that you can accomplish remedial work whilst providing Log7 bacteria reduction.

Legionella Filters are intended to filter unsafe levels of bacteria from the water that runs through the legionella filter. These filters are also called Point Of Use Legionella Filters as they are the last product in a water-hygiene setting to come into contact with the released water. These legionella filters have been proven to reduce bacteria load by log7 – that?s 99.99999% bacteria reduction/decline that leave the device.

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