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We Provide REAL Metropolitan Area Advertising

Almost all SEO business provide nationwide marketing in the largest US cities. The 5 boroughs of New York City, for instance, have 8.45 million individuals. That’s a great deal of eyeballs.

However, The New York City city consists of 28 cities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, with a total population of 18,867,000 individuals. So, when you attempt to rank a business on page 1 of Google for ONLY New York City, you are missing out on about 10,400,000 eyeballs.

That’s a great deal of traffic that will never ever come to your site.

We’ll Advertise YOUR Business In Metropolitan Areas

Big cities have Metropolitan Statistical Areas consisting of a a great deal of additional cities. Smaller cities may not have defined cities, so we’ll include 20 close-by cities for your promotion.

The result is ALWAYS going to be 20 keywords promoted to, and ranking on page 1 of the Google organic search results, in EVERY city in the picked area.

Think About That For A Moment

A lot of SEO business will give you 10 keywords in 1 city. That’s going to be not only hard to blanket the entire nation, however extremely costly.

Let’s take a look at what we’re offering you. Let’s say that you select a city with 20 cities in that metropolitan area. That’s going to be 20 X 20, or 400 keywords on page 1 of the Google organic search results in that metropolitan area.

If there are 30 cities in that metropolitan area, that’s 600 keywords on page 1 of the Google organic search results in that metropolitan area.

We Concentrate on Top 5 Results

The reason is simple. Individuals hate to scroll down a page and we want you to have the most traffic possible. The top 5 results on any Google organic search page share 74% of the clicks to that page.

Our Results Are Long Lasting

We are immune to the Google search formula updates that now take place about 9 times daily. The “here today, gone tomorrow” problem with SEO is brought on by the inability of a Google ranking to survive an update.

Our Google organic search rankings tend to last for months.

The good news is that the expense for our service is a flat rate, so the overall variety of keywords or cities being promoted does not matter.


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